Theatre make-up

Doing drag has been a hobby since 2016, but when this evolved and became a greater part of our practise, we also felt the need to learn more technical skills. That’s why we studied theater make-up at Opleidingsinstuut Thomas for one year (2021 – 2022). Here you see an overview of the looks we created during our study.

Baldcap and skull. Model: Noah
Kabuki-inspired make-up. Model: Laiyan
Stay weird! Model: Fang
Theatre felines. Model: Henk
Stay weird! Model: Fang
Classic ballet make-up. Model: Keke
Dots dots dots. Model: Iris
Bodypaint. Model: Jolijn
Ageing make-up. Model: Mariska
Baldcap fantasy. Model: Jochem
Tailor-made prosthetic. Model: Fang
3D look and selfmade headpiece. Model: Merel
Wounds FX make-up. Model: Jochem
Beards and moustaches. Model: Keke

Also the process of making a mold resulted in beautiful moments.

Fang feeling her face

When we graduated we had to pick up the certificate in style. Go Maybe!