Malou van Doormaal

As an artist I always try to make an impact by collaborating with all kinds of people and the strategic use of a variety of media. I do this with different roles. As an artistic leader at Academie voor Beeldvorming, as a member of the Office of Queer Affairs at Van Abbemuseum, as a board member from artist initiative Ongekend, as a guest teacher or simply as human being. My work consists of temporary interventions and long-lasting processes. Works mostly originate from astonishment and critical thinking. Humor is always an important ingrediënt of making and presenting a work.

Nanne Muskens

I’m an expert in organisation and finances. My work consists of administration, website maintenance and keeping Excel sheets up-to-date. In my free time I work as a conceptual artist.


You probably haven’t met me. I work behind the screens and am responsible for the mental care of the team. My work consists of hugs and being present.

Maybe Boozegeoisie

Being a genderqueer drag royalty means I always challenge the status quo. If it’s about classic drag-related topics like gender and sexuality or even broader themes like feeling at home, privacy, dating or our relation with nature. My work consists of colourful looks, music(videos), pictures, storys, making contact with other people and, of course, hosting the Drag Up Family. Occasionally I work as special manager for Academie voor Beeldvorming. I manifest myself on Instagram and in daily life. My dream job would be to be a librarian.

Jane Domaliç

As a Dutch / Croatian artist I always feel the need to express myself. I love shopping and clothes. My work consists mainly of performances. It questions culture differences about value, money and labour.

Roekoe M

I’m a street artist who likes to combine the unpredictable, raw world with the more systematic or corporate one. My work consists of 2D works becoming 6D in social interaction.

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