Reports of the sky

DUTCH - In the context of Tubelight #121, which is devoted to clouds, we wrote reports of the sky for a week, referring to the Cloud-a-Day emails from the Cloud Appreciation Society. We published a snapshot and a short reflection every day.

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Queer Talks Music

ENGLISH - Maybe Boozegeoisie and Malou van Doormaal visited Brendan Vos at Queer Talks Music at RaRaRadio. Listen to a good conversation about developing queer program in Brabant, artistic practise and music.

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All about Maybe!

IMAGES - Maybe Boozegeoisie is a true drag royalty, challenging the status quo. With their looks, interventions and over-all existence. We collected a few different perspectives they have on drag in some images.

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Kunst @ HOME

DUTCH - What does culture mean when musea and concertbuildings are closed? Online is enough to see, read, hear and stream, but how do you experience art to the fullest? Here you find a selection of initiatives which lead you towards art to perform, color and create yourself!

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