Studio Linie

Picture by Lise Sore

Het Liniekwartier is a neigbourghood in Breda where losts of renewal takes place. It is also the home of AIR Witte Rook. In 2019 we were involved with Harmonie in de Linie as artists, in 2020 we did the coördination together with Eef Schoolmeesters. So how can we develop the relationship between Witte Rook and Linie and contribute to the social structures? Quite a challenge during a pandemic. So what is possible at a time were 1,5 metres is the standard and group formation is not desirable?

During a work period of two months, artists Wouter van der Giessen, Bodil Havermans, Floor Snels, Merel Stolker, filmmaker Jesse Immanual Bom and graphic designer Niels Visser formed Studio Linie. The idea of an ‘art route’ wasn’t sustainable with all the restrictions, so the had to figure out how to build the context for the artists ánd realize meaningful contact with the residents. Read here more about the process in Dutch.

Design by Niels Visser

Niels Visser developed the story of Adriaan van der Zon, who does everything in alphabetical order in his life. Al kinds of jobs have passed. The K for kettle operator, the L from librarian and is now at the P for package deliverer. His grandmother used to live in Linie and she loved the arts! That’s why Adriaan thought of developing a pick-up and delivery service by Studio Linie.

We developed vacancies which connected with the works the artists were developing, like home cook, handyman or packaging material collector. We published those at a website and delivered flyers in all the mailboxes of the district. We also took care of enough background information by doing interviews with all the artists.

In the fall we organised a kick-off event, where all the artists presented their work. As a team we made contact with residents on their doorsteps, entrepreneurs and passers-by. Check out the video below!

Five months after the event, writer Nanne op ‘t Ende visited Linie again. Do we still notice something happened? What is the impact in the neighbourhood? Read it all here (Dutch).