UNKNOWN – The Secret Artwork

Picture by Eline Baggen, 2017

Why would you buy an artwork? Is it a commodity to speculate with? Something beautiful for the wall? A conversation piece? A mirror for your deepest emotions? Think about that. What would it mean for you to buy a secret artwork?

The Secret Artwork is currently not for sale but will be when enough interest has sparked. This artwork is secret, as the title reveals. Therefore, we cannot give a lot of information other than the conditions in which it can be bought.

1. The artwork is secret and can only be sold by the artist
2. We will not mention anything about the form or content of the secret artwork
3. The artwork can only be bought once buyer and artist establish a relationship of trust
4. The buyer must sign a confidentiality agreement to guarantee the secrecy
5. The price is negotiable

Read here more about the origin, background and earlier sales of The Secret Artwork.

Are you potentially interested in buying the secret artwork?

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