The leaves of Castle Stapelen

Picture by Kasteel Stapelen

UNREALISED PROPOSAL – As reaction to an open call for an exhibition in the garden of Castle Stapelen in Boxtel, we developed a concept around the falling leaves. The yard in winter looks like there were never leaves on the numerous trees.

Step 1
In October and November, a number of turnip sessions will take place. Every 7 to 14 days residents of Boxtel and a group of volunteers will pick up leaves that have recently fallen from the trees.

Step 2
The leaves will be dried in nets that will be hung in the large garden shed of the estate. Depending on the amount of collected leaves, another temporary storage could also be sought. Once in a while, especially at the beginning of the conservation period, these nets are opened to bring the leaves that were previously in the inside of the net towards the outside, so that the leaves can be dried optimally.

Step 3
Before the start of the exhibition in May, when spring is in full swing and the trees have already grown new leaves, a quarter of the leaves are returned to the place they came from. This is repeated in June, July and August.