GIFT WRAP – custom design

Collection of gifts

It occured as a big shock that we couldn’t get gift wrapping in the local hardware store. We bought a ladder to someone as a gift, but couldn’t wrap this in the store. That’s why we made our own wrapping paper, which can officially be used by all Dutch hardware stores who are mentioned at Wikipedia: Bauhuas, Formido, Gamma, Hornbach, Hubo, Karwei, KlusWijs, Multimate Service Bouwmarkt and Praxis.

We planned to organize a workshop gift wrapping at GAMMA together with Hoofdafdeling Bijzaken. Sadly, we had to cancel this event, that’s why we use this gift wrapping to all kinds of gifts. In addition to that, we started to document all the gifts we wrapped in this paper (see collection above).

The fun part about the paper is that you can use the letters to spell people names on it. So it’s easy to personalize the paper! Want to give gifts? Buy our custom design gift wrapping paper now!

10 pieces € 5,00
25 pieces€ 10,00
50 pieces€ 40,00
Excl. shipping cost

Send Nanne an e-mail if you’re interested!

Detail of the colortests
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