Welcome night

Picture by Gerard MontΓ©

In the context of midwinter night 2014, Artots in ‘s-Hertogenbosch organized a performance evening with dinner. Together with Iris van Wijk we proposed two concepts. Van Wijk suggested to secretly put vitamin D pills in visitors’ drinks. Vitamin D is produced when the skin comes into contact with the sun. In winter, and specifically on the shortest day of the year, this is a vitamin that most of us are deficient in.

In addition, Malou van Doormaal proposed to welcome the winter night into the space by opening all windows and doors and only allowing light when necessary for the performances. Instead of shutting out the night by turning on stoves and lights, visitors would receive the night as a guest.

These two proposals were rejected. The poetic angle was appreciated, but the interest of the visitors turned out to be more important. After a respectful discussion, the two artists made another intervention, acting as hostesses. The aim was to make it as easy as possible for visitors. They brought drinks and snacks, massaged shoulders, arranged conversation partners and made sure that no one was cold.