Have you ever truly loved an artwork?

Listen to conversations between artworks and museum-goers. The multi-sensory collection presentation Delinking and Relinking in the Van Abbe Museum in Eindhoven is designed with special care for accessibility. You can feel, hear, see and smell the artworks.

As part of the Office of Queer Affairs we worked on an audio tour as part of this experience. How can you add a queer perspective and realize a more bodily connection between a museum visitor and an artwork? Is a painting something to flirt with? Can you dance with a sculpture? Do you get aroused by this image? How sexy is this installation?

Different people of our group wrote poetic advertisements. Visitors are invited to react to them via a telephone number. We add those responses to the tour and hope to realize a conversation between artworks and all kinds of people looking for love, sex or true connection.

Overall design by The Rodina / picture Van Abbemuseum
Screenshot of the tour on Smartify.

You can visit the museum and listen to the tour on Smartify in Dutch or English.