Drag Up Family

How can you use drag to explore who you are? What does drag mean outside of the scene? How do you make daily life more queer? Since 2016 drag royalty Maybe Boozegeoisie has organised the Drag Up Family, in short DUF. This is a learning community around drag culture in Brabant where experiment is encouraged.

Drag is mostly explained as men who dress up as women, but drag is more than that! Next to playing with gender expression, it’s a way to free yourself from conventions, aesthetics and challenge (un)comfortable boundaries. It doesn’t matter how old you are, where you were born or what’s in your pants. Drag is a personal queeste to gender expression and political statement at the same time.

Nicolien is involved with DUF and uses Necki B2B as a drag name. β€œI grew up in a narrow-minded environment. The Drag Up Family has helped me grow in eccentricity, self-knowledge and confidence. It was exciting the first time, but it touched a part of my soul that I never dared to do anything with.”

Drag is a method to claim queer space. To all parts of your identity: gender, sexuality, skin colour, social class, your weirdest hobby or wearing onesies. Drag is a way to be proud of yourself. Subtle or over the top, the Drag Up Family shows you a new definition of normal.

Special Manager Maybe Boozegeoisie: β€˜Drag is not only entertainment, it’s a participative form of art. We play with the obvious. The ideal of beauty. Binary boxes as female or male. The difference between human and animal and object. DUF is always looking for ways to think about social themes such as privacy, nature, technology and social interaction. What kind of cyborg are you? How do you become one with nature? What happens if your make-up is done by someone with a blindfold? The fusion between these questions and the performance makes a super physical experience.’

Drag is best known from the nightlife. We love to embrace that! At the same time, that’s just one of the many places where you can celebrate weirdness like DUF does. We dance in the morning, we party until dinner. We steal the show in a corner. Our best drag can be seen outside the lens from the camera. Noahlicious, part of the family: ‘For me it’s all about connecting with each other.’

Therefore the Drag Up Family appears in many shapes and forms. It is the preparation for a party or an intimate gathering with family only. Sometimes it becomes a methodology for unconventional team building, sometimes a dating program such as IN DE (S)MAAK. In this way, DUF becomes a platform for queer experimentation with a unique community. With people who often do drag and others who want to try it out. Welcome to the family!

A collab with PLASMA in The Student Hotel Eindhoven, 2020. Film by Dronestate

Would you like to get to know the family or work together? Look on the website from the Drag Up Family, follow us on Instagram or send Maybe an email at maybe@academievoorbeeldvorming.nl